Ways you can help

One way that you can help, and it will not cost you anything, would be your prayers. Pray for our Pastors, young people, and children. Pray also for all the activities of our ministry.

Another way you could help would be to make a monetary gift. You can make a onetime donation or possibly give monthly. You can send your contribution by PayPal or check. You can specify where the money is to be directed, for example to any one of the following causes listed below. For donations without a stated purpose, the money will be used where there is the greatest need.

At this time, some of our villages are in need of houses of prayer. These churches are new and have only been in operation for a few weeks. They had been working without help of any kind, but we are trusting in God to supply each need and we are certain they will receive help just at the right time.

You can aid our people by sponsoring a child in our Program “Action Agape.” Honduras has the sixth highest poverty rate on the continent. 67.9% of the population in Honduras are under 18 years old and are in poverty; this means that 2.4 million children and adolescents in Honduras do not have access to basic necessities. Although we cannot make poverty disappear, we can ease the hardships of many. See the “Sponsor a Child” link.

You can also sponsor a Pastor’s child through “Action Agape.” Since our pastors spend a great deal of time serving their churches, most of our pastors are also in real need. See the “Sponsor a Child” link.

Our churches are also in need of sound equipment for their services. These churches are rapidly growing, and a sound system will aid in reaching larger groups with the Gospel. This equipment can be purchased for $550.00. With your donation, our pastors can preach God’s Word and have more impact!

In Addition, we need Sunday school materials. You can help with a gift of $150.00. This will provide materials for a church for 6 months. 25 children in the congregation will be benefited by your generosity and will receive supplies that will enable them to learn the Gospel at their level.

As new churches are planted, there is always the need for chairs, pulpits, and guitars. The chairs cost around $7.50 each. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated, enabling many to sit down as they hear the Word of God.


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